Forrest gets a facelift with a new singletrack and all-weather trails

There was enough rain to saturate the dust. Two wheel drifting is likely if you have speed

A trail & parking area reconstruction project completed in July '17. Fast and flowing with big jump options and some pretty crazy gap jumps. A steep, punchy switchback filled climb follows a set of spines from Ridgecrest Conference Center in Black Mountain, NC to the parking lot of Old Fort Picnic area. Ride to the top and then down and link it directly into Ridegeline (with some double track). I prefer clockwise because the descent is longer. The end of the jump line trail there is a fairly steep climb to get to the next section. Ridgeline is a crown jewel of Dupont State Recreational Forest. The main bike trail is about 18KM long with a gentle -5% grade. Wait a few days after any fresh snowfall and the entire area becomes one giant freeride trail after all the shredders pack down the powder. At almost 20 miles with almost everything tahoe has to offer.


Probably not best to ride. The flowiest trails of the mountain! Drop in off a shallow rock slab and then whip through a few tight berms. The bottom portion of the trail is fast, loose and tight. Highly advise starting from the Mt. Very windy so drying fast. Normally most of the hikers don't make it to Otero Upper so that section is a little more clear and you can let it hang out a little more. Butcher Ranch is the main trail for the classic Downieville Downhill. Third Divide makes up part of the classic Downieville downhill route. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Winding trail with dips, climbs and descents. Be careful of the rock stairs relatively close to the top of this portion; too much speed could doom your descent on these. This trail has big sized jumps in it, very fast and dry! I'm slow and a little chicken top hit some of the gap jumps but this was super fun. An awesome descent, with some high speed ripping at the top, some root drops in the middle, and some great bank turns at the bottom. Or with only moderate climbing involved these trails can keep almost anyone interested for hours. This area has a high density of trails for all ability levels and serves as the unofficial hub of mountain bike activity in the South Shore. Perfect flow day with hard moist dirt with only 1/2 bird baths along the way! Trail is now covered in snow and you can only ride the packed areas from where sledders and shredders have packed out a trail. Lost Lake starts at its namesake trailhead.

Logs embedded in the trail have been installed to signal technical terrain. Blast down Ridgeline all the way to Lake Imaging Road. 6 mile thrill ride through the dense pine forest of the park. I'm slow and a little chicken top hit some of the gap jumps but this was super fun. High elevation trails are clear May-October, bring plenty of water. Stay straight when the trail intersects with a doubletrack and then bear left at an intersection with the winter/horse route. It packs in a lot of excitement in a short amount of time. This trail begins with a small pump section with two smaller jumps and a third larger hip jump. Kitsuma is a point to point singletrack trail that has a machine groomed tread in most parts. It's fire road the entire way, absolutely zero singletrack.

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