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About us

Toi-Toys makes safe and affordable toys accessible to every child. We offer a unique and up-to-date range of trendy toys in distinctive packaging. We provide our customers products with high turnover and excellent pricing. As a family business, we invest in sustainable relationships based on engagement and reliability. We continuously strive to develop innovative and creative toys that stimulate children's imagination and bring a smile to their faces. Our products and packaging are designed with attention to detail and meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

We expand our market share by offering toys with eye-catching and contemporary packaging which visibly comply with the latest laws and regulations. We closely monitor development in the toy industry and proactively respond to the latest trends. Our customers can count on an up-to-date assortment and we are always willing to provide advisory support. We offer high-quality, affordable toys as a margin alternative to A-brands. This ensures a relatively high turnover rate for you as a retailer. The combination of high turnover and attractive margins makes our products interesting revenue generators in your assortment.

We support global projects dedicated to improving the well-being and playfulness of children and strive for a more sustainable world. As a family business, we have been ambitious since 1991, continually building on our position as an essential partner.


At Toi-Toys, we are ambitious, strive for quality, live our passion and place great value on reliability. We are entrepreneurial and results-oriented, with the ambition to provide safe toys for every child, while investing in our personal and professional growth. Quality is our driving force, always pursuing the highest standards and prioritizing safety. With a love for toys, we work proudly and joyfully in our company, engaging with our customers and our world, striving to make a difference. Our reliability forms the basis for sustainable relationships because at Toi-Toys, a commitment is a commitment, and we are always there for each other.

Children love toys; it stimulates their imagination and fosters their development. However, children are a vulnerable group. That's why the safety of our toys is of the highest priority. Toi-Toys manufactures its toys with reliable toy manufacturers in the Far East. Over 33 years, we have built sustainable relationships with multiple manufacturers. Our products are produced under good, fair, and safe conditions. Throughout the entire purchase and production process, a quality procedure is in place. Specialized staff in our in-house laboratory work daily on thorough checks and testing of toys for safety. This includes assessing the strength and proper functioning of electronic or moving parts, if present.

Fun toys. Serious business.

Altijd de laatste trends

Always the latest trends

Eigen laboratorium voor kwaliteitscontrole

Private laboratory for additional checks

In onze showroom van 1600m2 in Eindhoven is het volledige assortiment te bekijken

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Would you like to know more about Toi-Toys and our products? In our showroom in Eindhoven (Netherlands) we present our entire product range. Contact us to schedule an appointment and we're more then happy to show you around.

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