Toi-Toys Purchase Department


The department

The procurement department consists of a team of professionals, each with a passion for the world of toys. On a daily basis, they are busy sourcing the latest new items in collaboration with suppliers. In addition to purchasing existing items, there is frequent collaboration with suppliers in developing new, unique, and exclusive articles. The latest trends and crazes are continuously monitored.


Top of mind of the entire purchasing team is the search for and discovery of new trends. This involves extensive use of international market research, social media, attending all possible trade fairs worldwide and maintaining intensive periodic contact with strategic suppliers. Our offering consists of a comprehensive toy collection, complemented by items that have the potential to become a true hype.

Private label

Do you have specific requirements for colours, packaging or artwork? One of our options is your own private label. Our purchasing and design departments can join forces to achieve a customised item for you. In consultation with you, we can create an amazing and unique eye-catcher.



Quality is a top priority for every Toi-Toys employee. Bringing products to market and thereby providing you, the customer, with peace of mind is our number one priority. Intensive communication occurs between the purchasing and quality departments, with the purchasing team seeking advice from the quality experts at Toi-Toys. Each item undergoes rigorous quality control, extensively utilizing the internal laboratory as well as external laboratories.


The unique position that Toi-Toys holds in the European toy market is characterized, among other things, by its stock position. The majority of the collection is in stock in our central warehouse, from which you can receive fast delivery. Through state-of-the-art applications, the purchasing department is periodically advised on placing new purchase orders. There is a continuous flow of containers bringing goods from all continents to the Netherlands.


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