Toi-Toys, the largest toy importer in Europe.

Welcome to Toi-Toys

Welcome to Toi-Toys, the largest toy importer of affordable toys in Europe. For over thirty years, Toi-Toys has been specialized in offering attractive toys. Toi-Toys is particularly strong in the lower price range, making toys accessible to every child. From our warehouses spanning over 60,000 square meters, we deliver 2,400 products to more than 50 countries. We offer trendy, high-quality, and quickly marketable toys that allow a generous margin. Our range includes everything from cars, baby toys and coloring books to games, dolls and outdoor toys.

The latest trends and crazes

Through specialized software and our numerous customer contacts throughout Europe, we monitor market developments and can identify trends in an early stage on. Thanks to our close relationships with suppliers, we translate trends into beautiful items and stay ahead in our trend-sensitive market. New toy items are added to our collection weekly, ensuring you're always assured of the latest trends and crazes. In addition to importing products, the Product Innovation department develops its own toys, providing Toi-Toys with a unique and distinctive assortment.

Private label

Do you have specific preferences regarding packaging, labeling or design? One of our options is your own private label. As a private label customer, you can choose from an even broader collection, enjoy the benefits of guaranteed availability, spread out your purchases for a more balanced logistics process and give your product a unique character. Our account manager can advise you on the possibilities, after which our private label team aligns our business processes with your preferences.



All our toys comply with European regulations and undergo extensive testing. As an active member of the 'Toy Safety' norm committee, we contribute to ensuring the safety of children while playing with toys. Through our active role in this NEN committee, we are among the first to be informed about new laws and regulations, allowing us to respond early to market developments. Our in-house laboratory conducts multiple tests before, during, and after the production process, ensuring quality control. We take pride in receiving the highest process assessment from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.

Our clients

With over 30 years of experience in the toy market and a specialization in affordable toys, we have a strong presence in various distribution channels. Our customer base includes wholesalers and retail chains in different market segments such as toy specialty stores, supermarkets, drugstores, household stores and department stores. We are here to meet all your toy needs and assist you in aligning an optimal toy collection that can achieve high turnover and a profitable pricing strategy.


In our webshop, you will find a wide selection of toys designed to inspire children and stimulate their development. By signing up, you can benefit from our competitive prices and fast delivery. To protect our customers and their markets, we assess each registration against certain conditions. You will be contacted after your registration regarding these conditions.

Toi-Toys speelgoed voldoet aan de Europese veiligheidsnormen


All our toys bear a CE mark. But we like to do more to guarantee safety. All products are tested in our in-house laboratory in accordance with European standards. The products are also being tested in accredited laboratories in both Europe and China. 


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Toi-Toys showroom Eindhoven

Experience our showroom

Would you like to know more about Toi-Toys and our products? In our showroom in Eindhoven (Netherlands) we present our entire product range. Contact us to schedule an appointment and we're more then happy to show you around.


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