Crains Trails in Paradise Mountains

Out here you will find the most legal features including log rides, jumps and rock rolls in South Tahoe

Several high speed, low risk sections take you down the sandy open trail for some of the most fun downhills in the area. This route is worth riding MANY times. This trail can be sandy during dry summer months and is best after rain, in the spring or fall. Short and fast, with a few small jumps and some loose rocks to keep you on your toes. Kitsuma is a point to point singletrack trail that has a machine groomed tread in most parts. While it has no real technical features to speak of since being redesigned, it is a lot of fun to ride this glassy smooth and generally well-bermed trail. On the bike map it is often combined as the Whole Enchilada with Porcupine Rim, Kokopelli, Hazard County and Burro Pass. Tree is elevated, so not rideable for most. This trail ends at the intersection of Middle Earth. Blast down Ridgeline all the way to Lake Imaging Road.


The trail finishes in switchbacks coming down the mountain with some good berms. after the jump you will enter the trail between two trees (fairly close together). The climb up from Marlette Lake trail is pretty tough, but relatively short. Otherwise dry. Rose meadows and finishing with this trail. Be careful of the rock stairs relatively close to the top of this portion; too much speed could doom your descent on these. The trails are well drained and suitable for riding when wet. After a very quick downhill out of the gate, the route climbs up through big forest. Sign is posted at entrance to warn users of features. Riders need to be at a decent skill level to attempt this trail.

Few sections rutted out but great experience for my first ride there! Built specifically for mountain bikes, a flow trail emphasizes speed and rhythm, featuring berms, rollers, jumps and other features that are designed in a way that uses the rider’s momentum to minimize pedaling and braking (think downhill pump track). Very loose and dry. Well built jump line with wooden lips built into each jump. It packs in a lot of excitement in a short amount of time. Clear and dry. Fun transitions and some great little rock drops. The area can be accessed from the end of Densmore's Lane, the end of Old Petty Harbour Road and from Huntingdale Drive. This trail has big sized jumps in it, very fast and dry!


This is a bi-directional trail but most riders ride from the parking lot towards Pleasant Hill Road. The climb to the top ends with a beautiful vista of Twin Lakes and the surrounding area. One of the best rides in all of tahoe. Most climbs are of the paved/fireroad variety, most descents are a mix of loose rock, fixed rock, and good dirt. Trail contains a rope-suspended ladder bridge, elevated bridges and a long-straight skinny. Out of the parking lot, take your first left. You can find everyone out here having fun from people in body armor and downhill bikes to families testing their kids limits to xc racer types riding intervals. Lots of Flow! The area can be accessed from the end of Densmore's Lane, the end of Old Petty Harbour Road and from Huntingdale Drive. From the young (or not so young) beginner, to the downhill pro, a flow trail delivers smiles for riders of all ages and skill level.

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