Splash balls and reusable water balloons

We choose sustainable with our Splashballs and reusable water balloons

Toi-Toys will stop sourcing all water balloons. This decision stems from a commitment to a more sustainable future and reducing the environmental impact of our toys.

We strongly believe in the importance of sustainability and want to take responsibility to protect the environment for future generations. Water balloons are single-use and generate plastic waste which often ends up in nature and thus do not fit into our vision. Our Splashballs and reusable water balloons are an innovative alternative that offer at least as much fun, but are less harmful to the environment. 

Toi-Toys will continue to strive to make its products more sustainable wherever possible without compromising on fun. In this way, we are working on making toys accessible for every child, both now and in the future. 

Fun toys. Serious Business.

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