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Long pedal up form town but best when shuttled to the top. It's fire road the entire way, absolutely zero singletrack.

It is considered the "fast and flowy" section--quite a bit smoother overall than Butcher Ranch with a great downhill pitch. It has a number of blind LH corners so whistle or use a bell so you can alert anyone coming the opposite way. Plenty of kick ups, jumps, drops, and huge berms. Short and fast, with a few small jumps and some loose rocks to keep you on your toes. Tree down near southern trail head.

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This trail is known for its flow. This is a shuttle access downhill trail that is suitable for all ages and multiple different bike styles- although best suited for all mountain, dirtjumper or full on DH bikes. There are actually three trails which make up the loop: Horse Creek-Cattle Creek-Lower Twin Lake. The start of the dirt road is marked on the Google Map directions on this page. This created a reroute of the single track. Plan on this ride taking all day, it probably won't, but plan on it anyways by starting early. The trail tread is mostly packed dirt mixed with rocks. Short and fast, with a few small jumps and some loose rocks to keep you on your toes. Highly advise starting from the Mt. This created a reroute of the single track. Fun transitions and some great little rock drops. Otherwise dry. The area can be accessed from the end of Densmore's Lane, the end of Old Petty Harbour Road and from Huntingdale Drive. Technically you can go both directions but everyone typically starts from Guardsman and either drops down Desolation or continues to Mill Canyon or Ridgeline Connector. If you continue, the trail ends at one of the lakes and continues lakeside until reaching the point where you began the trail The lake-side bit is fairly technical and very fun.



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